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Hole # 8 on Butterfield Stage
Courtesy of Steve Whitson

President ............................................ Tom McAllister
Seccretary/Treasurer ........................ Dan Boyd
Tournament Director ....................... Dennis Renk

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We are an organized group of approximately 80 men over the age of 50 who play golf on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Our
membership represents all walks of life: Firemen, Policemen, Iron workers, Aerospace, Medicine, Attorneys, Manufacturing
and more.  

Our home course is the El Prado Golf Course located in Chino, California.  We alternate play between El Prado's two
challenging 18 hole golf courses: Chino Creek and Butterfield Stage.  We have an optional pot game that pays lowest net scores
for one or more flights, "Closest to the Pin", and "Longest Putt".   We also play optional gross and net skins: on Tuesdays net
skins are based on 90% of the individuals handicap index - on Thursdays skins are based on 100% of the individuals index.

We often play an "Eclectic" game on two consecutive Tuesdays.  An Eclectic game uses the sum of the lowest score on each
hole for both days.

Our handicaps are maintained by SCGA/GHIN.
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Notice to Members

In order to receive your 2018 SCGA Membership Card, the $15 Roger Dunn Gift Card, and
other benefits as an SCGA Member, your E-Mail address must be registered with SCGA.

Approximately a third of our Member’s E-Mail addresses are not registered.

To register, log on to “SCGA.org/info” and provide your name as currently registered, your
GHIN number, and your E-Mail address.

Some of you may have changed your E-Mail address since previously provided.  Suggest you
check our Web Site Roster for current status,
We are now playing Summer Rules

However there exist three areas on Butterfield Stage where some exceptions can be made until further notice.

      Hole #1 - Approximately 90-120 yards from the green and in the fairway only,
      Hole #5 - Approximately 110-130 yards from the green and in the fairway only, and
      Hole #10 - And again approximately 100-110 yards from the green and in the fairway only.

In these three areas you may lift, clean, and drop the ball as far back as desired while maintaining the
approximate line of sight to the green.

      You may be interested in a summary of the 20 most important rule changes for 2019 (See Below)